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To my readers,

     Welcome to "Swift Wit Comics."  This comic is a group of comics that fall between the cracks of my other works.  These are jokes or arguments that would work as their own stand alone jokes or as their own miniseries.  The name of the comic comes from Jonathan Swift who was a master of satire.  It is a lame pun with the word "swift" meaning "quick."  It also helps emphasize my idea that comics are a form of literature by tying my comics to this famous author.

     As you may know I do several other works.  I do not want to label myself as anything.  I'm not an aspiring writer or an aspiring artist, aspiring cartoonist, aspiring filmmaker, etc.  If I cared about labeling stuff as things then I'd focus on literary criticism rather than creative writing.  If I will accept a label then that would be an aspiring story teller.  The medium for which I tell my stories has not been settled upon and the day I do settle upon one or the other would be the day in which something very dear to me dies.  Comics need stories and stories need imagery.  To me comics are literature.  (Writers who feel offended by this bold statement take a second to realize how important imagery is to your work and think how comics are stories with drawings in place of the text imagery.  Artists who feel offended by this same statement realize that when someone asks you what your comic is about you have to tell them what your story is, you don't give them a description of your drawings.)

     So what does this have to do with "Swift Wit Comics?"  The point is that I'm very passionate about too many different things.  I want to make comics about them because this is the best medium to make a quick argument.  Sometimes it's the best to make a long argument as well.  The problem is that I'm also telling stories in my other comics.  So instead of derailing my other comics just to work in a whole other point, I'm going to make those comics here.  I used to do these as political comics on "Your Face Is a Comic" which were drawn by the fictional character Lupin Adalwulf.  That got confusing so they have their own home here now.

     As for the update schedule, there is none.  I'll make a comic whenever I have an idea for a comic or whenever I can.  Wait what?  Am I crazy?  The only way to have a successful web comic is to update on time!  All the time!  Constantly!  It shows people that you care for your work!  um...yeah fuck that.  You see this comic here is not about success.  It's about art.  An art that diminishes when you try to force something by a deadline rather than when something is ready to be shared.  It's not about selling out like certain comics.  (It would be unprofessional to name them but I'm so tempted to reveal them for what they are!)  It's not about readers or hits or my personal vanity or fan service or any of that shit that has been lowering the quality of web comics.  It's about keeping me from becoming a hack.  It's about having a creative output which I have no intention of having it succeed.  The idea is to make the comics for myself.  To make the comics for the sake of making comics.

     So how will you know when a comic updates?  There will be a featured comic thumbnail at the splash page of "http://www.yourfaceisacomic.com" That should show you when there's a new update.  You could also subscribe to the RSS feed that I'm going to try to get going.  You can also stop by once a month or so and just click the back button to see if you missed anything.

     So I will use the font Comic Sans (as I do in my other works as well).  There are multiple reasons for this:

1. It is a protest of the ignorant ideals upheld by web cartoonists who have nothing better to do than hang out in web comic forums complaining about people who break the fourth wall (I shall break the fourth wall whenever the fuck I deem it useful and if you're too closed minded to acknowledge this then so be it.  Limit yourself.).

2. It is a legible font.  More legible than Manga temple or Anime Ace which are deemed acceptable by the web comic community and are commonly used.

3. It is not ugly.  If you think otherwise then prove that it is ugly.  You can't.  It's an opinion, not a fact as many try to play it off as.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY!  Many readers ignore a comic simply because it employs this font.  They say that it is the sign of an "amateur."  In choosing to use Comic Sans I am saying that I do not want these readers.

Some people will argue that comics are nothing without readers.  They're right.  Let us go there, Amira and all of my other characters.  Let's march off into the passionate void where we'll become nothing.  Something tells me that we'll find friends there.

With Heart and an Adventurous Spirit,