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Literary Theory vs. Software Development

TITLE: "Literary Criticism Vs. Software Development"

Creator Comments:   My apologies to Louise Glück.  I have no idea where some of these comics come from.

This one was very organic.  I had absolutely nothing planned.  I had a general idea after talking to someone about their coding.  Then the twist just came out of left field, but it made all of the difference.

EDIT:  I had finished this comic weeks ago, and I guess somewhere in my mind was the fact that Louise Glück would be coming to UCI.  I really just picked a living poet of note.  It could have just as easily have been Robert Pinsky, Ginger Andrews, Tony Hoagland, or (my favorite) Russell Edson or any other living legend.

So I ended up meeting her at UCI when she did her reading.  People encouraged me to show her this comic, but I wasn't brave enough to.  She read from her book A Village Life.  I noticed that my linguistics background is starting flood my literary background.  As I was listening to her read I was just as interested in the sexual awakenings described in some of the piece she had read as well as the fact that she voices her W's and aspirates certain consonants.